How it Works

We have worked hard to make our service as cheap, quick and easy to understand as possible.

For painting and/ or decopatch pay your £3.50 artist fee 

For foam clay only it is £1.50 artist fee, then purchase your tubs of foam clay!

OR why not do both? You can still purchase tubs of clay foam if you are painting

Choose your item/s to decorate

Take your item/s home, the same day!

The £3.50 Artist Fee covers all your utensils (all paints, pens, gems, glues, water, aprons etc), the £1.50 Artist fee for foam clay, covers all of the same, except the paint. The time you spend is unlimited, an artist can not be rushed!

Our items are very reasonably priced, they start at £3.50 and go up to £8.50. There are ceramics, blank canvas, wooden items, phrases and Decopatch items.

We do not fire our items, they do not get put in a kiln, there are various reasons we have opted against this.

  • Our paints are a high gloss acrylic, they dry with a nice gloss finish without the need to be fired.
  • All our items are for display purposes only, we have lot's of useful items such as money banks, vases and boxes.
  • We are mainly aimed at children and we feel they want to take what they have done home straight away. If fired it means returning 2-3 days later to collect, 2-3 days to a child is a lifetime, the fun factor has gone by then.
  • We reduce the cost to us by not using a kiln, this cost we can hand down to you making us a cheaper alternative.

Jute bag design

We will supply you with everything you need to make your very own personalised jute bag! You will choose the bag size and style you would like. You can then draw your design first on paper to be sure you are happy, before then drawing the design on your bag. You then paint and add that extra 'bling' with gems, diamantes and bows! The bags dry very quickly and therefore you take it home on the day.

Lots of bags to choose from; small, medium, large, drawstring bags and wine bags.

Prices start from £8.50. 

These make great gifts too and are great for school bags and P.E bags!

Teddy bear making

You can opt to make your teddy in store or take home to make as a kit. However, if you do decide to take them home, we can not provide you with fabric pens for the T-shirt, but you will still get a T-shirt. Also (you shouldn't) in the unlikely event that you run out of stuffing we will not be there to supply you more.

Our Teddies work like this:

  • You choose the bear skin you like, there are lots to choose from with an ever changing range.
  • You Stuff the bear with the stuffing we provide.
  • Before closing up your bear, you have the important job of giving the bear a heart, make a wish, give the heart a kiss and pop it inside.
  • Seal up the bear with the pull tie and Velcro. (No stitching required, nice and easy and safe!)
  • Fill out your bear certificate and give them a name (You are now taking ownership of your bear!)
  • Finally we all need a little style in our life. Decorate your bears T-shirt using the fabric pens we provide.
  • Final step a nice big cuddle!

All bears regardless of style or if made in store or taken home, are priced at £11.00