Hand and Foot Casting

Why not create a direct replica keepsake of your little cherub's hand or feet to keep, or give to a loved one as a keep sake to treasure forever. 

We can mount them on a plinth or present them in a stylish box frame, why not include a picture to really bring the casting to life! 

The process is pretty straight forward, you simply book an appointment with us (contact details can be found here). 

How does it work?

On arrival you will be warmly greeted and offered a chair and a drink. We will go over the process in full, answering any questions or concerns you may have and putting any worries to rest.

Once ready, we position you with (where possible) the child on your lap, and we begin mixing the casting material. The liquid is in its container and the hand or foot is placed inside, if your little ones become restless, our expert and child loving staff will pull out all the stops to get them smiling again!

Once in the liquid it takes approx 3-4 mins for it to set. When we are happy we will break the air-tight seal around your little ones wrists or ankles and slowly and gently remove them from the set mixture and that's your job done! You are free to go and leave the rest to us. The next time your back (unless to paint!) it will be to collect your beautiful keepsake! 

Please enquire for pricing or with any questions you may have. We mainly do casting Wednesday to Friday.

Photo Shoot Packages

The Craft Cabin E4 has teamed up with Nicky Bamber photography, so we can cater for the whole experience and offer you professional photos too if you wish, to make this keepsake even more special!  

Hand and Foot 
Out prints 

Out prints are very popular and a lovely keepsake or gift! 

You can hang them on your wall or display on an easel, or hang on your tree at Christmas! Chose from silver, bronze or rose gold.

Fore prices and more info 

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